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We hosted our first online workshop on March 10th, 2021, with the wellbeing
team at Amsterdam University College. Amsterdam University College is a
selective liberal arts and sciences university.

This workshop was attended by 9 students and the Dear Body team. The
workshop was led by our Artistic Director, Professor Anna Furse.

Participants were guided through a range of writing, drawing and breathing
exercises to help them mindfully investigate and creatively respond to their
bodies. This workshop focussed particularly on hair, and our relationship with
our bodies as they change.

The workshop coordinator said of the session:

"Ever since COVID-19 started, I am constantly in my room, passing by the mirror, with ample time to do what I do best, and that is be displeased & harsher to my body. For the first time in my life, in this event, I was able to be a part of a space where the sole focus was on the body and the way we address or think about it. Instead of being told what I should or shouldn’t do, I was given the freedom to express and I was encouraged to praise a part of my body and by the end of the session I ended up thanking my body, which was so refreshing and healing. 
I am grateful to Anna & Nina’s project, for this shift in my perspective, and while I have a long journey to full acceptance, I am one step closer to breaking my habits and being kinder to my body."

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