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Shabnam Shabazi is an interdisciplinary ‘artivist’ (artist and activist), a ‘maker’ and ‘enabler’ of creative projects working across a range of art forms through solo and collaborative arts practice. In her solo practice she works with objects, video, digital media, text, performance and installation. Collaboratively working with artists and non-artists in different communities spotlighting them and enabling their interests. Participation and creating platforms giving voice to important issues are central to my practice, which is animated by the interstices and intersections between art forms and cultures. Exploring notions of site-specific, subverting the use of existing spaces and committed to a ’without walls’ approach with a strong outreach and engagement practice. Ongoing research explores the idea of the ‘body as house’ and investigating ‘Stories from Within’. Previous projects include: ‘Body House,’ ‘Speaker’s Corner,’ ‘Firestarters', ‘There Ain’t No Black In The Union Jack’ and ‘Terra Nullius’, all dealing with important issues of our times…

Microcommission for Dear Body: "Body House-Self-Action"


Artist: Shabnam Shabazi.

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